Walking in forest

Walking in forest (Volovské vrchy)

Volovské Hills (Slovak: Volovské vrchy) are situated in the eastern part of Slovakia. They are 70 km long and 30 km wide. In the north it is surrounded by the Slovak Paradise and the Hornádska Basin, in the east by the Košická Basin, in the south by the Slovak Karst and finally, in the west by Muránska Plain. Volovské Hills cover the area of 1320 km2. Most of its area is a rangy relief with elevation of about 300 – 600 m. The main mountain comb is about 800 – 1100 m high. The Golden Table (Zlatý stôl), which is the highest hill, is 1322 m high. Other hills are: Volovec (1284 m), Pipítka (1225 m), Kojšovská hoľa (1246 m). The most common trees in the Volovské hills are spruce and abies. Beeches and oaks grow mainly in the southern part of the Volovské Hills. Gold, silver, copper, mercury and iron ore have been mined in the Volovské Hills since the Middle Ages. The most dominant mining settlements were in the valley of Hnilec, Smolník and the Slovinský Creek. Villages such as Gelnica, Rudňany, Nálepkovo, Smolník arose as a result of the mining industry.